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HEDON was first established in 1992 as a forum for northern partners with interest in household energy issues in the south. Eco Ltd took over the coordination of the network in 1998, and HEDON has since evolved into a global knowledge-oriented voluntary network of over 3000 individuals and organisations from over 50 countries, focusing on energy in the context of acute poverty.

Run via a website and a series of special interest groups, has over 400 visitors every day who look at a wide variety of information, from news and events through to thematic pages and back issues of HEDON’s journal Boiling Point, which is aimed at providing free and accessible printed information to practitioners in developing countries.

By building on Eco’s expertise and global network of contacts HEDON is now arguably one of the most comprehensive and interactive household energy knowledge bases and a vital resource for informed energy policy-making for both northern and southern policy makers.

Eco staff are experts in both knowledge management strategies and systems as well as being specialists in sustainable energy. Vibrant, participatory knowledge networks are crucial for disseminating best practices and adapting innovative solutions to new conditions. Systems that share knowledge easily help to avoid the perennial problems of reinventing the wheel and repeating past mistakes.

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Eco’s knowledge management products and services can improve communications between project beneficiaries, project teams, donors, governments, and colleagues. An easy-to-use knowledge management system from Eco can put your information to work for you and for your clients. For more information please contact Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer using our online form to discuss how we can help you.


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