E Co. bites: Tell us about a project you have worked on this year (Alex Milano)

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Speaker: Alex Milano

Question: Tell us about a project you have worked on this year.

One of my favourite projects I’ve worked on at E Co. was a landscape study – this is the name given to a study that aims to look at markets, trends and changes within a given sector. At E Co. we are frequently involved in various market studies like this one that help our clients to identify a way forward.

This particular study looked at the changes that had taken place humanitarian energy access space over a period of several years. As with a lot of our work, this topic is hugely relevant, especially given the current refugee crisis. The project was perfect – I previously worked at an NGO that specialised in this area in East Africa – and I was able to call on my experience and network to bring added value to our work.

Over the course of a month or so, we did around 50 interviews with key stakeholders from humanitarian agencies, donors, NGOs, the private sector, and research institutions. It was great opportunity to speak with so many people who are actively shaping the space. We gained a level of insight into the space that’s pretty rare and made for a comprehensive and thorough study.

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