E Co. bites: What is the most challenging aspect of proposal development?

27 January 2021, Category: All insights, E Co. bites

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Speaker: Morna Isaac

Question: What is the most challenging aspect of proposal development?

Well, my answer to that question will probably change depending on the challenges I am facing at a particular moment… In the end, the aim of proposal development is to design a project that responds to what the organisation that will get the funding wants to do, that can make a difference and that will get the funding.

Each of these three issues can sometimes be a challenge. Sometimes, an organisation knows exactly what it wants to do, but unfortunately that is not what the funder is looking to fund, so then our role is to discuss with the organisation how to adjust the project design to give it a better chance of being funded.

Sometimes, it’s clear what the problem is, but not what the solution could be. Then our role is to discuss with the organisation what ideas they have and how these could be turned into a good project.

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