E Co. institute training calendar – 2020/21 – workshops, webinars & more

Upcoming E Co. institute training events – 2020/21

We provide training and capacity building for project developers worldwide.

Throughout the year, we will be delivering various free-to-attend training webinars, workshops and other activities in order to further support those seeking to access climate finance.

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1. Training workshop: ‘How to prepare a successful market barrier analysis: an introduction’ (free)

What are they, how to identify them, and why are they important for your project?

This workshop is now over. Sign up for your replay kit here.

Where: Online 
When: 11 August, 12-1pm BST (GMT+1)
Who: Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer

About: It can be a challenge to keep up to date with the evolving requirements of the different funds and be able to develop effective proposals rapidly. This workshop is designed for you if you’re involved in the project development process and seeking to address the specific needs of your chosen country and match the priorities of funders and key stakeholders, at the appropriate scale.

In this latest E Co. institute training workshop, we will be introducing a number of key concepts and approaches, including:

  1. What are market barriers and why are they important? (Key components of a market barrier analysis)
  2. How can we identify them? (Resources and assessment tools)
  3. What are the different ways to examine and communicate market barriers? (Resources and assessment tools)

Do come prepared with your specific questions on market barriers and barrier analyses and we’ll do our best to answer them. We can also answer any questions on market barriers tailored to specific funds, such as: GCF, AF, NAMA Facility, GEF, among others.

2. Webinar: ‘Decoding GCF B.26 + GCF insight #15 – COVID-19’

Where: Online
When: 3 September
Who: Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer, Jamal Gore, Ben Bartle, Diana Dorman
Register your place here

About: In this upcoming session, the E Co. team will be bringing you our consultant analysis on the latest updates of the world’s largest climate fund – Green Climate Fund (GCF).

E Co. Senior consultant Ben Bartle will be discussing key issues and takeaways emerging from the Green Climate Fund 26th Meeting of the Board (B.26). Special guests to be announced.

Principal consultant, Jamal Gore will also be discussing the ‘Impacts of COVID-19 on GCF projects’ from our 15th GCF insight report, released ahead of B.26. Learn what GCF project developers around the globe have to say about how the pandemic is affecting and anticipated to affect project development in the long term. Guest speakers to be confirmed.

3. Webinar: ‘Decoding GCF B.27 + GCF insight #16’

Where: Online – sign up to receive updates and your invite
When: November
Who: TBD
Register your place: TBD

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