E Co. bites: How do you employ communication in your work at E Co.?

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How do you employ communication in your work at E Co.? with Mariella de Souza-Baker

How do you employ communication in your work at E Co.?

The ability to communicate effectively is a vital practise here at E Co., as it not only influences how we work together as a team, but also on how we craft low-carbon, climate-resilient development projects from the ground up. 

In this latest E Co. bite, our Head of Marketing & Communications, Mariella de Souza-Baker, illustrates just how communication can be utilised in these scenarios, and how multiple questions can be asked to better develop your comms strategy to fit the requirements of the task at hand. Watch the video below for Mariella’s thoughts. 

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I could divide this into first and foremost, understanding and communicating with our team. The cultures, the languages and the wide-ranging diversity offers so many perspectives, styles of interactions and value systems – it’s an interesting mission to learn how each person likes to communicate and be communicated with. And based upon that, you can delve deeper into understanding their expertise and their individual approaches to our collective company mission and collaborate more effectively.

Once you have this foundation of trust and open communication, it’s about complementing our consulting work through building new or nurturing existing relationships through external company brand and content communications. I identify our clients and our technical partners – discern what makes them tick to nurture our long-term contact, and then find channels where I can reach them – whether it’s on a LinkedIn feed or in the Twittersphere, at the end of an email address or somewhere surfing around our website. Then – what do they want to specifically engage on? Are they looking for a best practice guide to assist their GCF funding proposal? Are they looking for a training webinar in which Grant and our consultants can examine the latest discussions from a board meeting? Or are they watching this E Co. bite and thinking – I’d like to work with that team?

Finally, in parallel to these brand communications, I’ll be included as a Communications and Dissemination expert in our client assignments – so for example, after the toolkits have been created for including gender in proposal design or editing a documentary of footage taken in an informal settlement, or producing a stakeholder webinar in Portuguese for a major donor to reach a wide global community, I’ll determine sometimes the content and often the channels and formats to reach that audience. It’s a constant investigation of being able to empathise with our global community and ultimately finding ways in which we can connect and collaborate for our wider collective mission.


Communicating the world of climate finance

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