GCF insight 03: “Paradigm shift” in GCF project development

1 October 2016, E Co., Category: All insights, GCF insight, Tags: , , , , ,

GCF insight seeks to understand what’s working – and what’s not working – in Green Climate Fund (GCF) project development. The surveys and reports spotlight the most topical GCF issues. This third edition explores if and how the transformational or paradigm shift potential of GCF projects factors in the decision-making of National Designated Authorities and accredited entities and what can be done to enhance it.

Bringing empirical evidence to this vital debate, this edition of GCF insight explores to what extent the transformational potential of projects factors into the decision-making of Accredited Entities and National Designated Authorities (NDAs). To this end, online surveys were conducted two weeks prior to the Board meeting. This report presents the key insights from these surveys. Moreover, it offers some recommendations to address the issues identified.

Read this edition of GCF Insight here.

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