GCF insight #14 – Project financing

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GCF insight #14 – Project financing

In our fourteenth GCF insight report, we explore stakeholder experiences and challenges with project financing and discuss the implications for the GCF.

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According to our previous report, GCF insight #13, ‘Top 5 climate finance knowledge gaps’, there is a distinct lack of knowledge surrounding project financing and financial instruments, and only a limited awareness of financial systems. However, effective use of GCF finance, and that of other funds, is key to driving transformational change towards climate-resilient and low-emission development. 

This 14th GCF insight report turns to stakeholders to uncover their specific challenges with project financing and we suggest how we may tackle them.

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We hope you find it useful and please feel free to share your comments below or send an email to: amy@ecoltdgroup.com.

*We are grateful to the respondents of this study for their contributions and insights. This study is an initiative of E Co., emerging from work we are doing to develop low-carbon, climate resilient projects. E Co.’s team of consultants designed and administered the survey and prepared this report. E Co. has conducted this research independently and is not affiliated with the GCF, the GCF Secretariat or donors.

‘Decoding GCF B.25 + Project financing’

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