Portraits of climate change – Stories of women and environmental resilience 

20 August 2019, Dr. Silvia Emili, Category: All insights, News, Tags: , , ,

A drawing representing different women

Climate change will have the greatest effects on women living in poverty and whose livelihoods depend on the health of their natural environments. Gender imbalances lead to women’s unequal participation in decision-making processes and labour markets. Yet, women can play a critical role in tackling climate issues, as well in leading sustainable practices within their households and their communities.

Women as agents of change

This project aims to tell stories about women around the world being affected by climate change, and to portrait their strength, resilience and capacity to adapt. This is a storytelling project with the purpose of depicting women as agents of change across different countries and social and cultural backgrounds. 

With the intention of portraying 100 women, the project has started by collecting stories of women living in Central America where Silvia and Pierre are currently travelling to visit communities and to learn about how they are coping with climate change. Each story is represented with a portrait and a description of the climate impacts and environmental challenges that affect women’s livelihoods. 

Follow the project as it travels

You can sign up to receive story updates, from Silvia, Pierre and the women they meet along the way, at https://portraitsofclimatechange.com/ 

Image credits to Pierre Odehnal.

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