Take this 5-minute survey – How is COVID-19 impacting your GCF projects?

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Low carbon, climate resilient project design

In parallel to the upcoming GCF Board meeting (B.26) we will be publishing a special edition of GCF insight, led by one of our Principal consultants, Jamal Gore. In this 15th edition, we are turning to project developers, asking you: How has COVID-19 impacted your GCF projects?

Since the emergence of the pandemic and lockdown measures, what impacts have you already seen on your GCF-related work timelines, financing commitments and climate landscape where you work? We invite you to share your experiences and take our short survey on the subject. Your responses will be anonymous and results will be used for our 15th GCF insight report and for research into the latest GCF developments. This report will be shared with the GCF Secretariat and global GCF community.

> CLICK HERE to take the survey <

This survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. The closing deadline is: Friday 22 May at 12pm BST.

Once you have completed the survey, kindly share it with others that may find it relevant – for example to NDAs or AEs with whom you are working with.


Please note: this research is being conducted by E Co., a specialist consulting firm. E Co. is conducting this research independently, and is not affiliated with the Green Climate Fund, the GCF Secretariat or other donors. E Co. is not approaching survey participants for sales purposes, nor will participants’ names be added to other email lists.

Why would you answer this survey?
You and the GCF community can benefit: we will compile the results and prepare a report with the data you provide, and present the findings at our webinar following B.26. You will learn whether your views are shared by others. You can also get your voice heard at the highest level in the GCF and donor communities.

How will we use your responses?
Your responses are strictly confidential. The reports generated from this survey will not contain any information that personally identifies you, your organisation, or your country.

How can you get the final report?
To thank you for participating, we will send you the report on the survey results if you would like them. A summary of the findings will also be shared with the global climate finance community.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your response is a valuable contribution to understanding the GCF and climate finance landscape as it develops.

Find out more about this survey and our GCF insight reports and feel free to contact Jamal and team with any further questions or enquiries at GCFinsight@ecoltdgroup.com.

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