Dana Hague

Dana Hague

In a nutshell, tell us about yourself

I’m fortunate to have had a lot of diverse experience – 15 years in corporate world (3 countries, 2 continents), 8 years in academia and now exploring the world of NGO and public institutions – altogether a fascinating mixture of perspectives. 

My biggest passion is knowledge management – we are so overloaded with information and content and connecting it to a useful purpose is my mission – whether it’s through learning or simply through finding the right information in the right time. 

What are you most proud of?

Other than my children (of course!) – every time a student comes to me and says he/she has really learned something through my classes. 

What are your loves?

I love learning about the human brain – why we do things we do and how it impacts our lives as well as the lives of people around us. I love making the connection for other people and helping them understand. I love the lessons I often learn through this process. 

I also love books, music, glass art and rocks.  

What drives you to do this kind of work?

I came a full circle – I have a degree in chemistry and spent a year at the University of Toronto working in the field of environmental science. Years later I have now came back to my roots even if from a different angle. Lots of effort and money is invested into environmental projects – I hope to be able to help make it worth it. 

What makes you laugh?

Steven Colbert – I enjoy good satire and he does it really well. 

What do you most wish for in your work?

That people feel my work has really helped them do their job better.