Joshua White

Specialist areas

  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Hydrology and Environmental pollution
  • Natural hazard resilience


  • BSc (Hons), Geography and Environmental Science – School of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University

Joshua White

In a nutshell, tell us about yourself.

I am intrigued by any form of environmental science and humanitarianism. Spending half my life in the Lake District, I was exposed to a rich ecosystem and
idiosyncratic landscape. This sparked my appreciation for the natural world and the animosity for anything anthropogenic heightening climate change. I have been volunteering with Kent Wildlife Trust and have branched into providing care, education, teaching art, literature, music and sports to refugees around the UK and France. E Co has provided me with a chance to expand my reach on a global scale providing sustainable remediation and support the human and natural world.

What are your loves?

Playing music with friends, picking up a bee/moth/spider about to be crushed, watching the bats at night, looking after younger cousins surfing on the beach.

What do you most admire?

I fiercely admire acts of compassion in people for flora, fauna and for each other.

What are your hates?

Natural exploitation and litter from big corporations exploiting NIC’s and LEDC’s lack of enviro-red tape,  leaving wrappers in fields/beaches. (Also Gillingham FC!)

When are you happiest?

Hiking or canoeing in the rain before reaching a piano, by a rustic log fire in an old pub.