GCF insight: FAQs

There is significant demand to understand what is working – and not working – in Green Climate Fund (GCF) project development. For this reason E Co. has launched a regular survey, called “GCF insight” to shed critical light on experiences, challenges and trends in developing GCF projects. On this page you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the survey.

Who is E Co?

E Co. Ltd is a UK-based consulting company. We have a long track record in project formulation to create markets in the low carbon climate resilient sector. Take look at our website for a sample of what we’ve been up to.

Who has commissioned the survey? Does the GCF sponsor it?

The survey is an initiative of our firm and comes out of work we are doing to develop GCF projects.

We have discussed the survey informally with various people at the GCF Secretariat to ensure that there were no conflicts with what they might be planning. While the GCF Secretariat encouraged us to develop the survey, they are not funding it and the survey is entirely independent. In developing and testing the survey we’ve also discussed it with various GCF Board Members and they are also very keen to learn from this initiative.

Why is E Co. undertaking this analysis?

We are passionate about changing the world for the better. We are frustrated with the rate of progress on climate change development projects – too many are not optimised for maximum impact, fail to get funding or get bogged down in bureaucracy. This is not making the world better fast enough and we’re determined to hep improve this situation. We’re experienced in project formulation to create markets in low carbon climate resilient development, but we are always learning. We’re very eager to learn what works best for the GCF.

We truly believe that the GCF can make a substantial and lasting change in the world, and we’re doing all we can to help it do that. As a consulting company we are leading the way, and we are happy to share the lessons with the GCF community to make all GCF projects better.

Who are the recipients of the analysis and will the results be made public?

The analysis will be distributed in two ways. Those that fill in the survey have the opportunity to receive the full report by email. The Key Findings (executive summary) will be widely available — you don’t have to complete the survey to receive those results.

Key features of the survey and the Key Findings/Full Report are:

  • Periodic – Providing up-to-date information on a regular cycle
  • Timely – Survey sent out shortly before the GCF Board meetings, with the report ready prior to meetings
  • Provides new information – not available anywhere else, e.g. synthesis, tracking responses over time
  • Anonymous – While different questions will target different groups and data will be analyzed and presented accordingly, anonymity of the survey participants will be highly regarded
  • Independent – Having an external, independent party (E Co.) conduct this research will allow respondents to convey their thoughts, impressions and ideas more freely than if it were coordinated by, say, the GCF Secretariat or an affiliated party.

The identity and responses of individuals will remain confidential. We won’t use these details for sales purposes, nor will your name be added to other e-mail lists. We want only your feedback and opinions to help the climate finance community design better projects and programmes.

If you would like further information, or have any concerns, please let us know by contacting us at GCFinsight@ecoltdgroup.com