We ensure your low-carbon, climate-resilient development projects are more successful

98% of our projects have been successfully funded across donors such as Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Deeper thinking, for better results

We are a team of specialist consultants who help our clients devise projects that have greater impact & funding success. We are committed to low-carbon, climate resilient development and apply our interdisciplinary experience to think more deeply about the complex social, technical, financial, political & economic interactions that affect projects.

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”Quickest PIF approval I've ever seen – it flew through with no comments from the GEF Sec.”
Craig Davies, EBRD

How do we make your projects more successful?

We go beyond the ordinary. Clients trust E Co. to think deeper about what makes projects work, what the client really needs & what it takes to meet the requirements of project funders. We focus entirely on low-carbon and climate-resilient markets. We have a deep understanding of how to transform and create them. Working with the E Co. team means clients’ projects are approved more quickly, with fewer revisions and with significantly less headache.

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Experience and depth matter

Working with E Co. means clients don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have worked on over 250 sustainable development projects, in 82 countries with organisations such as IFC, World Bank, EBRD, AfDB, UNDP & UNIDO. We have mobilised funding of over USD 250 million in support of climate resilient development. Clients trust us to know what works, and put that knowledge to work for their benefit.

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To make the world better, faster

It’s time to accelerate the rate of progress on climate and development projects – too many are not optimised for maximum impact, fail to get funding or get bogged down in bureaucracy – this is not making the world better fast enough! We’re determined to partner with like-minded clients to improve this situation.

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