Experience and depth matter

Working with E Co. means clients don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have worked on over 300 sustainable development projects, in 140+ countries with organisations such as IFC, World Bank, EBRD, AfDB, UNDP & UNIDO achieving funding of USD $1 billion from donors including GEF, GCF, CIF, AF and CTF.


Climate change mitigation and adaptation finance includes local, national and transnational funding from public, private and alternative sources. E Co’s expert team will identify which sources of funding are right for each project or programme, whether it be grants, loans, equity investment or blended finance.

We help clients source funding from a diverse array of major funders, including:

  • bilateral funders like CIDA and AFD;
  • multilateral funds like SREP and CTF;
  • UNFCCC mechanisms like the GCF, Adaptation Fund and GEF; and
  • private lenders and investors.

Our deep experience base means we’re very comfortable working within the differing operational modes of these funding bodies and so are able to help clients navigate the funding process swiftly and efficiently.


Our clients include international finance institutions, non-governmental organisations, development agencies and government agencies. Clients value the fresh perspective we bring to assignments and rely on us to develop projects and programmes that deliver lasting transformative results. Our deep experience with a variety of entities and project types allows us to navigate assignments with skill and efficiency, helping clients achieve their objectives with less time and effort.

Some of our clients include:

”They are much more plugged in with what’s happening in the donor community.”
Dana Kupova, EBRD


We help clients ensure their low-carbon, climate resilient projects are more successful. We have delivered mitigation and adaptation assignments across a range of climate and sustainability project types, from energy to transportation, and from increasing resilience to enhancing ecosystem resources. Unifying this work is an unwavering focus on our clients’ objectives. We have an intimate understanding of what drives project success  and think deeper to deliver initiatives with greater impact.

Sector focus

  • Sustainable energy
  • Low-emission transportation
  • Green cities (buildings, industry and appliances)
  • Land use and forest management
  • Increased resilience amongst vulnerable people
  • Infrastructure and built environment resilience
  • Health, food and water security
  • Increased ecosystem resilience

You can read case studies of a selection of our assignments here


  • Project documentation
  • Project identification & design
  • Financing identification
  • Project management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market creation & transformation
  • Resource assessments
  • Evaluation
  • Knowledge management
  • Training & capacity building
  • Economics
  • Policy
  • Budget development


We have developed funded projects for clients operating in over 139 countries across Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Our consultants speak a range of languages including (but definitely not limited to!) Czech, Croatian, English, French, Georgian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Please contact us to discuss your project and learn how E Co. can help deliver success.