Deeper thinking for better results

We are a team of specialist consultants who help our clients think more deeply about the complex interactions within social, technical, financial, political & economic environments. We help clients devise projects that have greater demand, impact & funding success; because it matters …

Our ethos: Capturing the spirit of deeper thinking

We have encapsulated our spirit into the phrase ‘Deeper Thinking’.

Whilst this is a light-hearted nod to one of our heroes, Douglas Adams, it has a serious side. Formulating projects and programmes that attract investment and deliver lasting results requires an in-depth understanding of markets, technology, the policy environment and stakeholder interests. When the stakes are this high, a superficial analysis will not suffice.

Our aim is to think deeper, always, about what our clients really need, what funders are looking for and what makes projects truly have genuine long-term impact. Clients come to us to create more effective proposals that get approved more readily, and so make their own lives easier.

We delve further into project issues, to provide the wider perspective that complex problems demand. Clients trust us to think beyond the obvious, beyond the typical formulaic response – it is what separates us from mainstream run-of-the-mill consultants.

We like to think, deeper, and develop solutions that work.

Working together as a team

We are a team of experts from a variety of disciplines, including environmental science, engineering, social science and economics. This gives us the capacity to go beyond the surface, to fully understand the intricacies of climate resilient development. Our breadth of experience across countries, technologies and organisations gives us the wider perspective that our clients demand – it is what makes us different.

Working together makes us better able to deliver project success for our clients. Each of our assignments is spearheaded by and experienced lead consultant, backed by the broader expertise of our team. Our team approach extends to how we work with clients, ensuring that we are always reinforcing their existing knowledge and skills.

E Co’s roster of key associates provide an additional pool of knowledge and experience. Our key associates are senior experts in their respective fields, who are ready and willing to provide specialist support to deliver results for our clients.