Isaacnezer Njuguna

Specialist areas

  • Urban development
  • Environment
  • Climate change
  • Research


  • Certificate - Climate Change, Oxford School of Climate Change
  • MSc. Environmental Governance (ongoing) - University of Nairobi
  • BA Urban & Regional Planning - University of Nairobi

Isaacnezer Njuguna

In a nutshell, tell us about yourself.

Kenyan. Nairobian. Pan-Africanist! Growing up, I wanted to be an engineer, but my love for physics was somewhat questionable. Now, I am a full-time advocate of sustainable development; an urban planner working to mainstream environmental and climate resilience in city planning, management and governance. I tell the African story – our indigenous resilience, grassroots solutions to challenges and strong and unwavering hope in equitable and inclusive development.

What drives you to do this kind of work?
Impact. The satisfaction from transformative impact in my country, continent, and to my community.

Name three things on your bucket list.
Watching the mighty Arsenal play at the Emirates; A holiday in Bali; Skydiving.

How do you see the world in 25 years?
As an optimist, a safe and peaceful global village.

How do you like to spend your weekends?
Either making music in my home studio set-up; or play-time weekends with my nephew while teaching him how to dance.