Lorenzo Blasi

Specialist areas

  • Foreign market responsible
  • Administration
  • Human resources
  • People and culture specialist


  • BSc, Political Science – University of Trieste
  • Postgraduate in European Science – University of Trieste/ University of Barcelona
  • MSc with double degree in Human Resources Management – EAE business school/Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid

Lorenzo Blasi

In a nutshell, tell us about yourself.

Born and raised in Italy, in a region that has it all: the sea – where to appreciate the beauty of sailing and marine biodiversity, the mountains – where to take peaceful
hikes, tough climbs and enchanting skiing; the hills – where to visit great wineries with friends.

My curiosity and willingness to know and see more brought me to visit and live in different countries, where I kept educating myself in European Politics and Human Resources Management.

I had the chance to volunteer and collaborate with NGOs abroad, to see the importance of local balances and how much nature plays a pivotal role – especially for small local communities. After several working experiences with multinationals, I couldn’t let the opportunity of joining E Co. slip through the cracks.

What are your loves?

The ones I feel like I can call them family, quality time, witty people, sport, good coffee (small cup, little milk).

What are your hates?

Long (mens) swimwear that look like slacks, too hot summers, too cold winters, the song “crazy frog” and climate change.

What makes you laugh?

Bad jokes, good jokes, someone stumbling (no harm), coincidences.

What’s the best thing about your job?

People I work with, people I will know, never-ending learning, intentions.