Vedrana Božić


  • MA, English language and literature - University of Belgrade
  • Associate CIPD

Vedrana Božić

In a nutshell, tell us about yourself.

20 years back, my first job was a short-term interpreting role with an international company.  This interpreting meant business management training for me and offered an entry into the corporate world, business models and strategies. Besides loving the connection to people from different countries I liked working with individuals and teams on their development and aspired to specialise in Human Resources and to become an HR manager that boosts team engagement and performance.

I have been working for more than 15 years in HR in different roles; there were big and small size organizations, different stages of their life cycle, varying market conditions, and a variety of human resources and talent needs and a changing focus. Wherever I was, I always aspired to contribute to building a champion team and creating an environment for excellent performance and collaboration. I feel a lot of my work is still a kind of interpretation because its constant focus is aligning people over the same goal, interpreting stakeholders’ needs, and matching them to the company vision, work assignments, teammates, etc.

What do you most wish for in your work?

I wish to maintain and grow the sense of being a contributing factor in achieving the company mission, or a leader of talent management and people engagement initiatives in the company.

How do you feel about working with E Co.?

From the very beginning, I was inspired by starting a new personal and professional growth phase, getting an opportunity to work with a globally-connected team with a company active and making impact and contributing to mitigating climate change and building climate resilience. I am happy to be part of the team of professionals who employ their experience and creativity and collaborate on designing various solutions to developing countries’ climate issues and global sustainability challenges -I haven’t fully grasped the impact and future potential yet! 

The work my company and the team do makes a huge impact on what I believe I can do and want to do myself while growing with the team and learning how to professionally support the team goals but also becoming a better citizen of the Earth.

How do you like to spend your weekends?

Something nice with my family, small adventures with my daughter every weekend and then a big one: going skiing in the wintertime. Reading, drawing, or doing some art with my daughter is always high on the list.

What superhero would you be?

I would be a powerful wizard. Or at least someone whose superpower is to be able to quickly translate a late evening train of ideas and thoughts into actions, guidelines, inspiring trainings, efficient processes, etc.