Vedrana Bozic


  • MA in English language and literature from Belgrade University
  • Preparing for CHRM CIPD certification

Vedrana Bozic

In a nutshell, tell us about yourself.

20 years back, my first job was a short-term interpreting role with a global organisation.  That is when I chose to study English language and literature. It offered an entry into the corporate world and I aspired to specialise in Human Resources and to become an HR manager.

I have been working for more than 15 years in HR with regional FMCG and media companies. Through my HR roles, I have been able to develop skills in understanding both business strategy and people at all levels, by mentoring, coaching and in different ways, supporting the business as well as team growth and performance.

What do you most wish for in your work?

I think this is the first time after 20 years that all the values, related to my job, score very high: a meaningful job, global scope, educated professionals, achievement opportunities, a dynamic environment requiring dedication and performance and yet still a flexible and friendly, appreciative approach.

How do you feel about taking a new job?

I feel inspired and like at the start of a new personal growth phase, getting an opportunity to work with a team and the company where the focus is deep thinking and action for the environment, climate resilience, and with people who value professional and dedicated approaches.

How do you like to spend your weekends?

Anything related to fun. I like to take 2-day trips with my daughter and husband or to go nowhere and have a good time together.

What superhero would you be?

I would be a powerful wizard.