COP27: Your guide to climate finance events

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COP27 climate finance events

Will you be attending COP27 and its climate finance events? Our Senior analyst, Marcus Arcanjo, will be attending. If you would like to network with Marcus while there, you can email him through and arrange a meeting.

In Decision 1/Cp.21 of the Paris Agreement, it states that “Parties to the Paris Agreement shall set a new collective quantified goal from a floor of USD 100 billion per year, taking into account the needs and priorities of developing countries.”1. As it is, COP27 stands to be one of the most important COPs thus far in promoting, updating and securing climate finance pledges to help developing countries adapt and mitigate climate change. 

The summit, this year happening in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, will play host to several events where climate finance will be the focus, including but not limited to talks on the New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG). Additionally, several other organisations will be running complementary events that aim to discuss the events of COP27, specifically in their relation to changes to the world of climate finance. 

These are the COP27 climate finance events happening during and around the summit that you need to attend:

*This list is non-exhaustive

Finance for climate transition and climate alignment

When: 4 November, 11:30-13:00 CEST
Where: Online

In line with the NCQG, climate finance must be scaled up globally. What this requires is an alignment between transition policies and finance approaches. 

The objectives of this event include:

  • Determining how to prevent greenwashing in transition finance;
  • Analysis of corporate climate transition plans;
  • Promoting recommendations on market practices to finance a climate transition;
  • Investigation of methodologies to assess the relationship between climate finance and climate policy.

Hosted by the OECD.

Fourth technical expert dialogue under the ad hoc work programme on the new collective quantified goal on climate finance

When: 5 November, 09:00-18:00
Where: International Convention Center

In its third session, the Conference of Parties developed an ad hoc work programme on the New Collective Quantified Goal on climate finance, running up until 2024. This included four technical expert dialogues per year. Just before the official start of COP27, the last of 2022’s technical expert dialogues will be held.

The objectives of the fourth technical expert dialogue are:

  • To discuss the experiences, lessons, and solutions related to or influencing enhanced access to climate finance;
  • To discuss how changes to the NCQG process can facilitate enhanced access to climate finance.
  • To respond to the request to ‘deep dive’ into the various features and elements identified in decision 9/CMA.3. 
  • To respond to the larger issues identified within the climate finance realm by the co-chairs of the ad hoc work programme. 

How can sustainable and transition finance support the journey to net zero in Asia?

When: 8 November, 15:00-16:30 CEST
Where: Online

Securing net-zero in countries across Asia is crucial for staying within the 1.5 degree target set by the Paris Agreement. As 85% of the energy use there is through fossil fuels, a usage rate which is expected to double by 2030, it is incredibly important for climate finance to be accessible within the region. 

This event, co-hosted by the Ministry of Environment of Japan, will explore several topics:

  • Key practices for scaling up climate finance in Asia;
  • The latest initiatives and developments in the Asian transition finance space;
  • Priority areas that can help to accelerate progress.

Hosted by the OECD.

From billions to trillions – to impact? Lessons for the International Development Community on Climate Finance

When: 8 November, 15:30-17:00 CEST
Where: EIB Benelux Pavilion, Online

With the prioritisation of climate finance increasing since the Paris Agreement was signed, we must ask ourselves how effective climate finance is as a whole. Speakers at this event will be answering three questions:

  • Is current climate finance truly relevant to the needs and priorities of the countries it is given to?
  • How effective has the move to mobilise private sector finance been?
  • What changes are needed to improve future climate efforts?

Hosted by the OECD.

From needs to action: Overcoming adaptation investment barriers in Africa

When: 9 November, 9:30-10:30
Where: EU Pavilion

Representatives from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action (EC DG CLIMA) will examine the solutions needed to overcome the barriers that face investment in adaptation projects within the African continent. 

The objectives include:

  • Unpacking adaptation investment as a whole;
  • Showcasing approaches that speed up the implementation of adaptation projects on the ground. 

Hosted by the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI).

IDFC & GCF – A key partnership for financing the transition towards low-emission and climate-resilient development

When: 9 November, 10:00-11:00
Where: IDFC Pavilion

The Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) signed a Statement of Partnership in 2019, establishing a collaborative framework to strengthen the following processes:

  • Knowledge sharing;
  • Integration of climate considerations within financial institutions;
  • The facilitation of access to GCF resources with co-financing from IDFC members.

This event looks to highlight the strengths of this partnership and promote the achievements realised. 

Hosted by the CPI.

Scaling up inclusive green financing mechanisms in the great green wall

When: 9 November, 14:30 (GMT +3.00)
Where: Online

Mobilising green funds, blended finance avenues and private investments is incredibly important within the move towards sustainable development–especially for rural small-to-medium-sized businesses. 

This event will explore how different investment models, such as the ones above, can help expand green markets and increase the availability of climate-resilient incomes.

Hosted by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

First High-Level Ministerial Dialogue on the New Collective Quantified Goal on climate finance

When: 9 November, 15:00-18:00
Where: International Convention Center

The New Collective Quantified Goal is an all-important update to the Paris Agreement, but direction is needed on where the direction of the ad hoc work programme will go. 

In this High-Level Ministerial Dialogue (HMLD), the objectives are:

  • Analysis of reports on technical expert dialogues, submissions by Parties and non-Party stakeholders, and the technical papers on those submissions.
  • To ensure effective political engagement;
  • To create ‘open, meaningful and robust discussions in a roundtable set-up’.

Enhancing economic resilience in the face of multiple crises – the transformation of development finance banks

When: 10 November, 10:00-11:00
Where: IDFC Pavilion

This session will explore how development finance banks are providing innovative product offerings that work to enhance resilience and drive transformation within the realm of economic resilience. 

Covering the effects of multiple simultaneous crises, this session will focus on how institutional transformation is vital to real change. 

Hosted by the CPI.

Call to action: Scaling urban climate adaptation and resilience finance

When: 12 November, 14:00-15:30
Where: Resilience Hub

Led by the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA), this session will feature a discussion between urban climate finance experts, city leaders and policymakers, where they will consider the role of scaling climate finance for urban climate adaptation.

Overall, it will be investigating how each stakeholder can best play a part in enhancing how climate finance is used within an urban context.

Hosted by the CPI.

Making climate change investments work for vulnerable communities

When: 14 November, 14:30 (GMT + 3.00)
Where: Online

Hosted by IFAD, this online session held in tandem with COP27 will explore how a combination of biophysical and hard infrastructure can help vulnerable communities avoid adaptation mistakes. It will focus on:

  • The link between restoration and sustainable management of degraded lands;
  • Food security;
  • Enhanced resilience of infrastructure.

Hosted by IFAD.

Measuring and monetising resilience benefits: A step change in financial innovation

When: 15 November, 16:30 (GMT + 3.00)
Where: Online

Surplus capital that exists within resilience investments is easily redistributable. This event explores how this can be done to benefit vulnerable communities and further bolster resilience. 

It will focus on exploring the monetisation of resilience benefits to attract adaptation finance from both the private sector and other development partners.

Hosted by IFAD.

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Will you be attending COP27? Our Senior analyst, Marcus Arcanjo, will be attending. If you would like to network with Marcus while there, you can email him through and arrange a meeting. 


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