E Co. Sound bites: Transforming Eastern Province through Adaptation with IUCN – Conversations with Accredited Entities

18 November 2021, Category: All insights, E Co. Sound bites, News

E Co. Sound bites is our podcast where we answer questions and discuss topics related to climate finance and project design for low carbon, climate-resilient programmes. You’ll hear from our very own E Co. consultants, clients and partners, across the globe.

In this series, Conversations with Accredited Entities, Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer will be sitting down with those who have had climate finance projects approved recently, to look behind the curtain to take a look at the process and find out what makes a successful project design.

About our guests

This episode, our guests are Charles Karangwa and Sébastien Delahaye from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, who had their Transforming Eastern Province through Adaptation project approved by the GCF at the 29th board meeting in June 2021. We are also joined by E Co. Senior consultant, Marijan Gajšak, for a further discussion on their project at the end.

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