GCF insight 06: No-objection procedures

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The GCF no-objection procedure aims to ensure that projects are consistent with national climate strategies and developed using country-driven approaches. The initial purposes and basic principles were adopted in 2014 and later linked explicitly with country ownership requirements (GCF/B.15/06).

This sixth edition of GCF Insight explores the status of no-objection procedures and how they are being interpreted and implemented by Accredited Entities & National Designated Authorities (NDAs). The survey involved 84 respondents from NDAs, accredited entities and consultants and was conducted between 13 and 21 June 2017.

The survey confirmed that the development of NDA no-objection procedures is at an early stage – less than one third of responding NDAs consider that they have a full working procedure in place. Furthermore, some respondents describe the no-objection procedure as ‘extremely slow and complex’. So far, only two-thirds of projects submitted to NDAs have received letters of no-objection since the beginning of GCF operations. Although refusing to issue a no-objection letter does not appear to be a common practice, the practice of requesting “significant adjustments” in the project design is fairly common (60% of NDAs reported they had made such a request).

Read about these and other findings and download the report here. We hope you find it useful – please let us know what you think.

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