GCF insight #20: Stakeholder engagement and country ownership in Green Climate Fund projects

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The Green Climate Fund wants to ensure that stakeholder engagement and country ownership lie at the heart of projects it approves. Integrating the perspectives of all beneficiary groups, and gaining the backing of national stakeholders, is essential for creating and implementing a successful and impactful climate change project.

In this twentieth edition of GCF insight we revisit a topic featured in our 10th GCF insight and examine the challenges faced in stakeholder engagement and country ownership in GCF project design and development. This twentieth edition also presents new suggestions for streamlining the processes and potential recommendations highlighted by stakeholders.


As always, we will be sharing this report with the Green Climate Fund Secretariat and the wider climate and development community. Please feel free to share this report with any colleagues who may find this of relevance.

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This research is being conducted by E Co., a specialist consulting firm, as part of our learning resources from our training division, E Co. institute. E Co. is conducting this research independently, and is not affiliated with the Green Climate Fund, the GCF Secretariat or other donors. E Co. is not approaching survey participants for sales purposes, nor will participants’ names be added to other email lists. Find out more about the reports here: www.ecoltdgroup.com/GCFinsight

Please feel free to share your comments below or send an email to: gcfinsight@ecoltdgroup.com.

*We are grateful to the respondents of this study for their contributions and insights. This study is an initiative of E Co., emerging from work we are doing to develop low-carbon, climate resilient projects. E Co.’s team of consultants designed and administered the survey and prepared this report. E Co. has conducted this research independently and is not affiliated with the GCF, the GCF Secretariat or donors.

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