GCF insight #21: ‘Enhancing private sector investment in tackling climate change through the Green Climate Fund’

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Download your copy of the 21st GCF insight report today

The 21st edition of the GCF insight report is out now. This latest report includes key insight from stakeholders and provides intuitive ideas for improving the Green Climate Fund’s accessibility.

The climate finance goal of the Paris Agreement was set at USD 100 million in 2015. However, in the 2021 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, it was stated that developing countries will need USD 300 billion annually by 2030 to avert catastrophic climate change. So how do we bridge the gap between what we currently have and what is likely to be needed? The answer: The private sector. 

This latest study builds upon our 19th GCF insight report, which also focused on the private sector. In the earlier edition, stakeholders told us about multiple hurdles relating to them working with the GCF. This included limited access to the Fund, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), lengthy timelines compared to other sources of funding, and the difficulty associated with accreditation.

The 21st edition explores perceptions of how each of these challenges can be overcome, including reactions to changes the GCF has already made relating to the Private Sector Facility (PSF). By understanding how such changes are received by the private sector, we can begin to see whether more private sector companies are likely to pursue the GCF as an opportunity for climate finance.

This research is being conducted by E Co., a specialist consulting firm, as part of our learning resources from our training division, E Co. institute. E Co. is conducting this research independently, and is not affiliated with the Green Climate Fund, the GCF Secretariat or other donors. E Co. is not approaching survey participants for sales purposes, nor will participants’ names be added to other email lists. Find out more about the reports on our GCF insight section.

Join our upcoming webinar ‘GCF B’34 Unpacked’

We’d also like to invite you to register for our upcoming quarterly webinar ‘GCF B.34 Unpacked’, where we’ll be discussing the latest developments in the Green Climate Fund. Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer will be sharing a brief yet detailed analysis of the recent 34th Meeting of the GCF Board (B.34), held on the 17-20 October 2022 in South Korea. We’ll explore the approved projects, accreditations, policy updates, the Work plan and pipeline, updates to the Strategic Plan and any other relevant insight.

We’ll be delving deeper into our analysis of interactions between the GCF and the private sector, as Senior analyst, Marcus Arcanjo, will be discussing findings from our recently published 21st GCF insight report.

We’re also delighted to be joined by the Climate Markets and Investment Association (CMIA) Executive director, Margaret-Ann Splawn, for this session. 

Funding for the future: Get to grips with climate finance

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*We are grateful to the respondents of this study for their contributions and insights. This study is an initiative of E Co., emerging from work we are doing to develop low-carbon, climate resilient projects. E Co.’s team of consultants designed and administered the survey and prepared this report. E Co. has conducted this research independently and is not affiliated with the GCF, the GCF Secretariat or donors.

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    Mandla Patrick Sithole at

    I am glad to be partf Eco. Your webinars are very informative. I am begining to farm and I want my farming to be climate friendly and sustainable. My company has been involved with a number of environmental friendly projects in South Africa.

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