News: E Co.’s new year’s resolutions 2019

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What are you doing for the planet in 2019?

A brand new year means a fresh opportunity to make positive environmental lifestyle changes. We’ve shared some of our own new or renewed pledges to Mother Earth in 2019:

  1. Plan ahead for (fruit and vegetable) growing season.
  2. Have one new eco-resolution per week. I’ve already made my own (very efficient!) deodorant simply with bicarbonate and water. The next one is to make my own toothpaste.
  3. Walk or cycle to school and nursery; take the train to work and cars for day trips only.
  4. As a UK STEM Ambassador, continue mentoring a girls’ secondary school and working collectively and 1-1 with teens on their UK STEM projects this school year.
  5. Plant a bee garden with my children.

  6. Eat vegetarian/vegan 4 days a week – work towards 5. 
  7. Use oat milk rather than cow’s milk; reduce cheese in our diet.
  8. Buy second-hand toys and clothes for my children.
  9. Finalise a workshop for parents on how to raise conservationist children, and on how to manage anxiety about bringing children into a carbon-constrained world.
  10. Go to the farmer’s market, religiously, to avoid packaging on our food and buy local and seasonal.
  11. Use washable, reusable hemp and linen cloths bought from The Eco Shop and Boots, instead of cotton single use makeup removers.
  12. Compost food waste to feed my worm farm.
  13. Keep working towards the ultimate goal of taking the house off the grid.
  14. Use printed newspaper as wrapping paper.

Do you have any you’d like to share? Comment in the box below.

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