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On the 4th February 2022, E Co. CEO Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer visited MSc Climate change, Management and Finance (CCMF) students at Imperial College Business School, reflecting upon key lessons learned over the past 22 years of building E Co.

Reflections from the session by Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer

“I reflected upon four key lessons learned over the past 22 years (and perhaps more) in building my company E Co.  The lessons were:

1. Think deeply
2. Switch your point of view
3. Alchemize obstacles
4. Promote ownership

Some topics I covered included overcoming challenges in the sector, managing day-to-day work as an entrepreneur, as well as setting big picture goals as a small business in a rapidly changing (and growing) industry. Establishing values for yourself and your work will help you grow and not lose sight of your ambitions – at E Co. those values are deeper thinking, listening and understanding. Seeing obstacles as opportunities is an essential reframing for success. And ownership: lead with extreme ownership, encourage it in your team, and deliver it in your climate finance projects.

It was inspiring and exciting to be in a room with students who want to make a difference in the world.”

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