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Climate change is happening at an ever-increasing rate, reducing community resilience, impacting livelihoods, and negatively affecting countless cultural identities around the globe. That is not the vision of a future that we want to see. 

Our vision is ‘a world sustainably transformed’. Now in our 24th year, we are ever more determined to support and guide our clients towards systemic transformation and a better world for future generations.

This is our vision. We’ve released our annual report, E Co. 2023: A Year in Review, so that you can explore how we’re making our vision a tangible reality. 

An assignment example: ‘Resilient Puna’

In E Co. 2023: A Year in Review, you’ll be able to explore twelve case studies of climate finance and development support we provided in 2023, working with clients such as the Green Climate Fund, GIZ, IFAD, IUCN, CCCCC, and UNIDO, amongst others. You can read this case study in full in our report.

Resilient Puna

About E Co.

What’s our mission? For over 24 years, we’ve been supporting and guiding our clients to achieve low-carbon climate-resilient development. We do this through catalysing systemic transformation, by helping them establish strong foundations for impact. We add value by speaking the language of many (through our technical, financial, cultural and local understanding), working with agility to align with our clients, and at the interplay of finance and the wider context.

What’s our purpose? To build solid foundations for sustainable impact by supporting our clients toward systemic transformation and a better world for future generations.

How do we turn your climate ambitions into robust foundations for meaningful and sustainable impact?

We assess contexts and baselines, design strategies and frameworks, develop policies, programmes and projects and unlock finance for public and private sector clients, seeking to deliver low-carbon climate-resilient and sustainable growth. 

We lower risk, increase predictability and design for impact. We provide:

  • Insightful understanding of a complex sector,
  • Deep knowledge of, and experience with fund processes and client needs 
  • Broad in-house experience and technical expertise covering systemic transformation tools and techniques

How do we support you as a client?

  • Market studies such as industry outlooks, stakeholder analysis, and market gap analysis;
  • Strategy formulation including business case development, internal and external analysis, and strategy development; 
  • Design of projects and programmes for internal investment such as developing priority investment plans or external blended finance such as applications for GCF, GEF, and Adaptation Fund projects; 
  • Policy and legislation development to support sustainable transition with research, analysis, training, promotion, and impact assessment services; 
  • Fund support including fund strategy and formation, raising capital, portfolio management services such as screening and eligibility criteria, proposal evaluation and investment appraisal.
  • Training including virtual and face-to-face training on climate finance supporting local ownership and skills building.
  • Evaluation including impact analysis, mid-term and final evaluations, outcome and process evaluations for projects, programmes and funds.

Working with our multidisciplinary core team, key associates and expert network means:

  • You will be supported and guided by experienced professionals who you can truly trust to understand your needs and give your priorities the due time and attention
  • Our specialist knowledge and experience lead to fewer iterations
  • You will have access to institutional support, including select global partners, cutting-edge tools & techniques, procurement, budget designs and Agile project management

Specialist knowledge in unlocking climate finance

Through a holistic understanding of and experience working with and for climate funds, we have achieved a 99% success rate in unlocking climate finance which has led to the successful mobilisation of over USD 7 billion of climate finance from global climate funds, including the GCF, GEF and Adaptation Fund.

Directly supporting governments

Our work has enabled us to collaborate with local governments around the world, where we’ve supported NDC alignment and implementation, policy development, capacity building, and other national to subnational priorities. 

Through this work, we’ve supported such government entities as: Ministry of Environment Armenia, Ministry of Finance Serbia, Ministry of Local Government Bangladesh, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Finance (SHCP) Mexico, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER) Mexico, Ministry of Agriculture Croatia.


We have been trusted the years to work with a range of governments, agencies, multilateral organisations, development banks, funds, NGOs, think tanks and educational institutions including:

E Co. clients

Contact us

Enjoyed reading about our impact in E Co. 2023: A Year in Review? If so, let’s accelerate progress together.  You can always reach out to our global expert team to discuss your needs.  Send us an email us at: amy@ecoltdgroup.com or connect with us at the following:

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