E Co. bites: How can climate finance help us achieve climate goals?

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How can climate finance help us achieve our climate goals? Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer offers his insight.

“We hope that climate finance will increasingly become mainstream finance.” Here at E Co., we believe that the successful delivery of climate finance is one of the key pillars of ensuring both emissions reductions, climate resilience, and other important climate-positive benefits are secured – especially for the communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. 

How do you think climate finance can be mainstreamed in today’s current climate?


We hope that climate finance will increasingly become mainstream finance. Frankly, this has to happen for us to have any hope of keeping the mean temperature rise below the global target of 1.5 degrees centigrade, since trillions of dollars are needed to be mobilised to address this climate crisis.

The world can mobilise behind a common goal as we’ve seen throughout the pandemic, but this needs to be sustained over the long-term and focused on reducing emissions and improving resilience.

I think that increasingly at E Co., we will support governments to make structural changes to their economies and we will support the private sector to structure their climate investments and access finance to allow this to happen.


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