E Co. bites: What is one thing you would like to include in an assignment?

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The assignments we work on here at E Co. are complex and require many hours of research and design. They are designed and implemented to support and/or improve the infrastructure of the area or community in question. Our consultants work on a wide variety of projects, but there are sometimes areas they’d like to work on that they haven’t had the opportunity to yet.

We asked Principal consultant, Ignacia Holmes ‘what is the one thing you would like to include in an assignment but have not had the chance?’. No two climate adaptation or mitigation projects are the same, and so it can often be a while before a consultant gets the chance to work on a specific project aspect. Watch the video below to see what Ignacia Holmes had to say.

You can read the transcript for the video here.


An aspect that I have not yet succeeded in successfully including into my projects is adding digital innovations to them. The pandemic unleashed a number of digital innovations that have allowed us to work from home, to buy from home, to connect with others and several of these technologies could be included into projects to ease their implementation and to foster collaboration between other projects, countries and regions. I have put a lot of thought into this, but as of yet I have not been able to actually include any of these into the projects I am currently designing.

For example, applications for linking farmers to markets, applications to remotely monitor forest, even the use of drones for forest monitoring and digital technologies for stakeholder consultations, now that it is difficult to go to the field. I believe that this could also allow us to engage younger generations, particularly in rural areas where the migration is massive.

I have been thinking why I have not yet succeeded in this and I believe a lack of knowledge that could be one of the causes. I do not entirely understand the wealth of options available and how to ground them in the projects I am designing. I have certainly not yet solved the problem, but I am committed to exploring this further with potential partners and with knowledgeable people on how can we can try to advance this in the coming years.


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