Free online training workshop: ‘How to prepare a successful GCF Readiness Funding Proposal’ 30 April 2020, 12pm BST

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how to prepare a successful gcf readiness funding proposal

Join us for this workshop

In light of the new Readiness and Preparatory Support Guidebook published by GCF and the recent GCF webinar on Updated Readiness & Preparatory Support Programme, E Co. CEO Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer and Senior consultants, Morna Isaac and Benjamin Bartle will be offering a special training workshop – sharing insights and covering sticky topics on what it takes to develop a Results Framework and Theory of Change for a successful Readiness Funding Proposal. This workshop is designed to support participants in increasing the success of their Green Climate Fund Readiness Funding Proposal preparations.


Who is this webinar for?

This free-to-attend online workshop will be tailored specifically to Nationally Designated Authorities, GCF Accredited Entities, Readiness Delivery Partners, as well as local entities seeking readiness funding or GCF accreditation.

What should I prepare?

Do come prepared with any identified questions on your Results Frameworks and Theory of Change preparation needs and we’ll do our best to answer them.


Meet your workshop instructors


E Co. CEO Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer and Senior consultants, Morna Isaac and Benjamin Bartle have been supporting clients with project formulation expertise for several years, across a range of climate funds, including the Green Climate Fund and Global Environment Facility.

All three have deep experience working with clients in-country and remotely to formulate projects with lasting impacts, by thinking critically about how projects will achieve transformational change. They have conducted training both on-site and in countries across Africa, Asia, the Pacific and Europe, as well as online.


About E Co.

E Co. is a London-based consultancy, uniquely specialised in designing low-carbon, climate-resilient projects and programmes. For over 20 years, we’ve been providing technical expertise to help our clients solve climate adaptation and mitigation challenges and access project funding. We assess markets, develop strategies and formulate projects to provide long-lasting solutions for vulnerable populations worldwide. 

Our 99% success rate in unlocking climate finance has led to the mobilisation of over USD $1 billion from global climate funds, including GCF, GEF, Adaptation Fund and NAMA Facility. We are proud members of the GCF Communities of Practice network and B Corp-certified. We work with public and private sector organisations, from National Designated Authorities (NDAs), multilateral development banks, Accredited Entities, to NGOs.

Our training arm, E Co. institute, offers international training and capacity-building courses, for public and private sector institutions, with an aim to further global skills and understanding of international climate finance mechanisms and how to access them. We also publish regular insight reports, articles and webinars, analysing the latest developments in global climate finance, with a specific focus on the Green Climate Fund.

Questions? Get in touch!

If you have any questions, please contact:

Head to to learn more.


This workshop is being conducted by E Co. Ltd, a specialist consulting firm. E Co. is conducting this workshop independently, and is not affiliated with the Green Climate Fund, the GCF Secretariat or other donors.

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