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Climate finance developed a lot in 2022, and we grew alongside with it. Here’s what we got up to in 2022 and why we’re proud to be part of the global conversation regarding adaptation and mitigation.

2022 was an incredible year for us, and you can take a look at the highlights in our new report. We were able to work on 42 new assignments in 2022, with 17 of those for the Green Climate Fund (GCF), Adaptation Fund, and Global Environment Facility (GEF). 

Inside this report you can enjoy an in-depth look into several of our projects from last year, ranging from a multi-national programme for ensuring energy efficiency in buildings to building community-based climate resilience in Vanuatu. Over the year, our work was split between four main areas:

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Our work

The work we do at E Co. is highly varied, even for a climate consultancy. With climate finance in 2022 being moved forward by a heady mixture of new developments, socio-political processes, policy updates, and international climate events (such as COP27), our work has had to adapt to and reflect those changes. We’re constantly working to be right on the cusp of new developments, helping to guide our clients and collaborators through them.

Here’s a little guide on what we do.

Market assessment

To create and sustainably transform markets, project developers must first understand how local markets currently function and where opportunities exist to strengthen them. A thorough market assessment establishes a strong foundation for strategy development and project formulation. It identifies delivery gaps, establishes the basis for new initiatives, and helps project sponsors understand how their activities may affect other stakeholders.

Our analytical expertise uncovers meaningful market insights and helps clients develop market creation and market transformation initiatives that really work.

Strategy development

An insightful strategy is essential for achieving high-level development objectives and lays the groundwork for effective project design.

We help clients look at root causes and facilitate lasting change by designing intervention strategies that address existing market failures and promote market transformation. We combine inventive talent with structured bottom-up and top-down approaches to develop strategies that meet our clients’ needs.

Project formulation

Clients rely on our project design expertise and guidance to bridge the gap between good ideas and a fully-funded project that delivers lasting results. A deep understanding of good practice in climate change mitigation and adaptation enables us to help clients design projects and programmes that exceed the expectations of both funders and implementing organisations. We have worked with a range of funders, so are experienced in meeting their specific organisational requirements. Based on an in-depth market analysis and a clear strategy, we identify outcomes, outputs and activities that will lead to long-term benefits.

Our extensive experience enables us to select the most appropriate tools and techniques to ensure we deliver the project design you are looking for. As needed, we can provide support with institutional issues such as choosing partners, finance mobilisation, budget designs, procurement and project management strategies.

You can read about some of our 2022 projects in the E Co. 2022: A year in review.

E Co. institute training

E Co. institute is the training arm of E Co. and is run by our project formulation experts. E Co. institute builds on our experience developing low-carbon, climate-resilient projects & programmes and the specialist training workshops we’ve conducted across the globe. We aim to build greater capacity amongst organisations worldwide seeking to deepen their knowledge of climate funds and develop skills in unlocking climate finance. 

For more information on our training, click here.

Grant Ballard-Tremeer

“Lead with extreme ownership, encourage it in your team, and deliver it in your climate finance projects.”

Dr. Grant Ballard-Tremeer

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Climate finance in 2022 was subject to many changes. In the future, these changes will be more and more pronounced. Get in touch with our climate finance consultants to discuss a project you’re working on and create successful, fit-for-purpose projects, now and in the future. Email us at: or find us at the following:

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