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In February, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) announced the launch of its global network of climate change experts to ‘deliver climate knowledge in support of GCF’s activities’. 

We are thrilled to be selected to be a part of the network and offering our expertise in: Adaptation planning, Climate economics & economic analysis of climate projects and renewable energy.

What will the Communities of Practice do?

‘The CoP will play a crucial role in driving transformative actions in support of GCF’s mandate. In creating this network, GCF is leveraging cutting edge climate knowledge to increase the impact of GCF’s climate finance investments.’

‘(CoP) is a network of globally renowned expert organisations who will provide GCF with technical advisory services in core sectoral and key thematic areas, such as forestry, energy efficiency, urban development, health, and others. To this date, 28 organisations covering 14 core sectoral and key thematic areas have been selected to be eligible for the programme. The participating organisations represent a wide range of climate finance stakeholders, such as international organisations, think tanks, consultancies and research institutes.

The key goals of the Communities of Practice include: 

  • ensuring that the best global knowledge and expertise on climate change guides the Fund’s operations;
  • leveraging the capabilities and expertise of partner organisations to maximise GCF internal capacity;
  • positioning GCF as a thought leader by integrating global climate knowledge and advancing its executional capacity;
  • supporting complementarity and exchanging information with other organisations working in the field of climate finance.’

Learn more

To learn more about the Communities of Practice network, with the comprehensive list of the other organisations involved, please click here.

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