The E Co. chamber podcast – Episode two – Gender in focus: Mainstreaming gender in climate finance projects

20 June 2023, Category: All insights, News, Tags: , , , , ,

The E Co. chamber

We’re very proud to announce the release of the first episode of our new podcast, The E Co. chamber!

This is a podcast that opens the doors to the world of climate finance and development, and the echo chambers they create. Through the insights and experiences of those of us on the inside, we’ll be heading behind the scenes and unpacking the challenges and opportunities faced on a daily basis, and discussing the trends we observe in the sector.

This is the second episode of our two-part special on gender. In the first episode, we unpacked the echo chambers we observe within how gender is perceived in the development of climate finance projects and programmes, and explored experiences of working as women within this sector – discovering some pretty interesting ideas as we talked through our experiences.

In this episode, we’ll be exploring how gender echo chambers – areas in which gender is not adequately addressed or integrated within climate finance projects and programmes – can be effectively overcome, and what gender mainstreaming looks like in real-life project examples.

This episode is moderated by E Co’s Head of Marketing, Mariella de Souza-Baker. Joining her are Consultants, Roberta Piacca and Debasmita Boral Rolland. We’re also excited to  feature insight from E Co. Consultant Dr Irina Hauler, and Alex Milano, Senior Associate at RMI.

Listen to Episode two here

We hope you enjoy this podcast. Please send us any feedback and follow us on Spotify.

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