E Co. bites: How will climate finance change over the next five years?

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how will climate finance change over the next five years?

What does the future of climate finance look like?

When answering the question, ‘how will climate finance change over the next five years?’, there is a myriad of complex considerations to take into account. What visible climate shifts will we see? Where will the urgency of climate development present itself the most? Will investment come solely from the public sector, the private sector, or a mixture of the two?

Working to analyse these eventualities and stay up-to-date with all of the extensive systems that influence the trajectory of global climate finance systems is vital in order to keep those systems working successfully. 

To answer the question ‘how will climate finance change over the next five years?’ we asked our consultant, William Lynam, to offer his insight. 

You can read the video transcript here.


I think we have already started to see a shift in focus towards adaptation. While both mitigation and adaptation are obviously both incredibly important, we are starting to see more and more visible effects of climate change, and as a global community, we need to prepare ourselves for more.

We can see signals of this shift in terms of the amount of funding going towards adaptation, whether in projects and programmes that are purely adaptation-focused, or in cross-cutting projects that have both mitigation and adaptation aspects. E Co. even published a GCF insight around this topic. The Green Climate Fund aims to see an even split in funding going towards adaptation and mitigation projects and programmes, so I think we’ll see more funding going towards the four adaptation results areas of the GCF: Health, food and water security; Livelihoods of people and communities; Infrastructure and the built environment; and Ecosystems and ecosystem services.

And even in cross-cutting projects and programmes, I foresee that there will be higher expectations in terms of the contribution to meaningful impacts towards adaptation and the building up of climate change resilience.


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