E Co. bites: How has the pandemic hindered stakeholder engagement?

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how has the pandemic hindered stakeholder engagement

How has the pandemic hindered stakeholder engagement?

Has the level of stakeholder engagement you’ve experienced in your work over the last number of years been different? Evidently, the COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences for practically all industries, with the world of low-carbon climate development having to rethink many of its approaches. 

In this latest E Co. bite, we hear from Senior Analyst Marcus Arcanjo, who speaks on how the pandemic changed how climate development projects were affected and how they can proceed in the future. 

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The answer to this question is challenging because it depends on individual contexts. On the one hand, the pandemic stopped people from conducting in-person meetings and consultations. As many countries imposed strict travel restrictions, the way stakeholder engagement takes place changed completely. This lack of face to face interaction and the human element that comes with it can make engagement more difficult.

On the other hand, people became more focused on what really matters to them and on important global issues, like climate change. In order for climate projects to proceed, stakeholder engagement had to happen online. This meant stakeholders needed to engage or risk their project stalling. When we surveyed E Co. stakeholders for our latest edition of GCF insight, we found that stakeholder engagement has actually improved over this period.


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