E Co. bites: What does deeper thinking mean to you?

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What does deeper thinking mean to you?

As international climate finance experts, we’re constantly looking into how we can better resolve the problems we face when developing low-carbon, climate-resilient projects that can make a real difference in the places they’re designed for. Climate change, funding accessibility, gender equity, marginalisation-these are all challenges that require ‘deeper thinking’ to design our ways out of. 

So what does deeper thinking mean? For Senior Analyst Luisa Freitas, it’s the “active effort to go beyond the surface”. Watch Luisa’s video below where she talks about what ‘deeper thinking’ means to her. 

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For me, deeper thinking is an active effort to go beyond the surface and what is obvious.

Solving problems like climate change requires a paradigm shift, and to achieve that you need deeper thinking. In other words, you need to be creative, question business as usual approaches and search for ideas that bring effective solutions to local and global challenges. And to do so you need to not only really understand the problem and its impacts, but also listen and integrate different views and opinions through an iterative research and stakeholder engagement process during project development.

To have a team with such diverse backgrounds and experiences as that of E Co. is definitely an advantage that gives us a different perspective and ensures our deeper thinking, therefore improving the solutions and projects we design.


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