E Co. bite: What does deeper thinking mean to you?

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What does deeper thinking mean to you

What does deeper thinking mean to you?

Here at E Co., we’re always redefining how we can more effectively approach problems and the problem-solving process. For us, deeper thinking, going beyond the surface, is integral to designing low-carbon, climate-resilient projects-the type of projects that make a real difference around the world. 

Climate change, funding accessibility, gender equity, marginalisation-these are all challenges that require ‘deeper thinking’ to design our ways out of. 

So what does deeper thinking mean? For Consultant, William Lynam, it’s a dynamic process that works to uncover more complex relationships that lie below the surface of what is immediately visible.

You can read the transcript for the video here.


Deeper thinking is all about digging below the surface to find solutions that may not be immediately obvious. It is dynamic, and the thinking changes as more digging occurs and more is revealed. It makes me think of systems thinking, which is all about understanding relationships, and what might seem like the obvious solution may just address immediate symptoms. To get to a meaningful solution may involve uncovering a more complex web of relationships.

Deeper thinking is important to E Co. because it can reveal the unknown unknowns — sometimes it reveals the needs of our clients that they might not even be aware of.


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