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Webinar agenda

Analysis of the Board meeting
Join us on Wednesday 2 November, at 12:30 UK time, for the ‘GCF B.34 Unpacked’ webinar – our independent analysis on the latest updates of the world’s largest climate fund – the Green Climate Fund (GCF). In our regular dynamic breakdown of events, Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer will be sharing a brief yet detailed analysis of the recent 34th Meeting of the GCF Board (B.34), held on the 17th October 2022 in South Korea. We’ll explore the approved projects, accreditations, policy updates, the Work plan and pipeline, updates to the Strategic Plan and any other relevant insights.

Delving deeper into our latest GCF insight stakeholder report
We’ll be delving deeper into our analysis of interactions between the GCF and the private sector, as Senior analyst, Marcus Arcanjo, will be discussing findings from our recently published 21st GCF insight report, ‘Enhancing private sector investment in climate change through the Green Climate Fund.’ He’ll look at three key reservations, we’ve gleaned from our study, based on the private sector working with the GCF, surrounding: access, communication and returns on investment.

Joined by special guest, CMIA, to discuss the private sector
We’re delighted to be joined by the Climate Markets and Investment Association (CMIA) Executive director, Margaret-Ann Splawn for this session. As an Active Private Sector Observer, CMIA provides the board with direct feedback from its membership on key issues that will impact how successfully the GCF interacts with private actors. We look forward to welcoming Margaret-Ann and hearing her insights and views on this latest meeting, after attending the discussions in person.

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    Camille Mouranie at

    This is a hard challenge people/investors have to deal with. But we never faced such a crisis. We definitely need the support of private investors to getting us to zero. How can we accelerate bringing on more organizations from across the private sector and fund scaled projects?