E Co. bites: What is your top goal for 2022?

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2022 has brought many challenges across the world of climate finance. Here at E Co., we’ve been sticking to a set of goals we developed to help us better support our clients in their applications for funding and combat these challenges. In this short video, our CEO, Grant Ballard-Tremeer, illustrates just what goals we’ve been targeting and why they are important. Watch the video below. 

If you’d like to see more video content with Grant, or any other of our experienced specialists, head to our E Co. bites to explore. 


In 2022 at E Co., we are working to build an even stronger and more effective team of staff and external partners to support our clients to access climate finance. We are exploring a partnership programme to engage better with experts from around the world. We are also working to improve the quality of our services: to be even more responsive to needs and to guide our clients to their desired outcomes. And we want to get much better as how we communicate with each other and our clients. Overall, these goals for 2022 will help us design projects and programmes for our clients that have long-term positive sustainable impacts in the energy and climate change sector that can be effectively implemented.

By 2030 we aim to help our clients to mobilise 100 billion USD for climate mitigation and adaptation, and these changes will contribute to this ambitious goal.


Getting to grips with the world of climate finance

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